Makeup Air & DOAS

ThermoTek’s Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) is the ideal HVAC solution offering exceptional energy savings and unprecedented comfort and humidity control.

The DOAS is designed from its core to conserve energy and save on operating costs. Its rare earth magnet inverter scroll compressor eliminates excessive cycling, premature unit aging, inefficient hard starts, and unnecessary energy consumption. Modulating technologies allow it to deliver the highest efficiencies at part-load conditions.

The DOAS contains fully modulating refrigeration and optional hot gas reheat components that deliver the exact amount of air requested at the desired temperature and humidity. Variable speed components allow the unit to adjust its heating and cooling capacity to match the required load. This provides a consistent temperature throughout the space and avoids large temperature swings often associated with single stage equipment.


The Atherion® Commercial Packaged Ventilation Unit is the ideal solution to effectively and efficiently meet the challenge of conditioning high volumes of outside air for ventilation, regardless of your geographic location. Whether you are in the humidity-soaked air of the Southeast, in the drier, milder air of the West, or the wide four-season-variation of the upper Midwest and Northeast, the unit can be customized to meet your outside ventilation air requirements.

With the Energy Recovery Exhaust option, your system is highly effective at recapturing energy from the building exhaust airstream, potentially saving thousands in annual energy costs.


Our diverse line of HVAC equipment encompasses heating, cooling and even dehumidification capabilities for both makeup air (MUA) and dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) applications. MUA systems address air problems for places with high levels of exhaust, including commercial kitchens, paint booths and labs. DOAS brings fresh air into buildings with many occupants such as schools, restaurants and bars, medical facilities and retail shops. Both Reznor’s MUA systems and DOAS provide quality air that is conditioned to meet the comfort needs of building occupants.